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Women in investment management

Institutional Investor is pleased to announce our Global Top 50 Women in Investment Management, a celebration of 50 distinguished women who are leaders and role models in their approach to their professional and personal lives.

We are fostering a network of motivated and influential professionals who understand the unique position and associated challenges of being a woman in this industry.

By connecting together offering support, experience, and a sense of community to one another and by collectively contributing to the group’s overall professional and personal development we aspire for this group to empower individuals and advance discussions around gender diversity, access, and gender visibility. 

Inclusion, diversity of thought, and diversity of experience are featured through our carefully curated stories and meet-up themes. Addressing topics which impact women today, during discussions also formulate concrete steps as well as look for tangible outcomes.

Featuring Chairperson Roz Hewsenian, CIO at Helmsley Charitable Trust, it’s with great honor that we celebrate this movement of influential women who have the passion to leverage their voices to push the industry forward. Read first hand stories straight from them, peer-to-peer advice, networking, and more. 

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This year we are honoring 

*Presented in an alphabetical order by fund name