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Benjamin Deng CIO at China Pacific Insurance Group: a rule-based allocation process is the goal

20 Jul 2020 •
Benjamin Deng
Finding Poetry in the Bond Market As the students in the Kwok Jing Culture and Education Foundation’s calligraphy class carefully try to master the precise brushstrokes demonstrated by their teacher, Benjamin Deng, probably few of them know that his day job is

Roz Hewsenian: Gladly Would She Learn, and Gladly Teach

20 Jul 2020 •
Rosalind Hewsenian
Hewsenian's approach to investing has harnessed a lot from her teaching days Dealing with many of those in the investment world is a lot like teaching special ed students, according to Rosalind Hewsenian, CIO of the $6.2 billion Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Andrew Palmer: Making the Most of a Public Plan

14 Jul 2020 •
Andrew C. Palmer
Controversy is part of the job description in the public funds world One of the fundamental attributes of any public employee retirement plan is that it’s so…public.

Leslie Lenzo Finding the Right Prescription for Advocate Aurora Health

8 Jul 2020 •
Leslie Lenzo
Transforming Advocate HealthCare with the Right Prescription Leslie Lenzo can tell you about the dramatic transformation taking place in the health care industry’s investment management.

Bill Coaker is Betting on Science, Technology, and Innovation

29 Jun 2020 •
Angela Ng
Allocating to Private Markets with Focus on Science, Technology, and Innovation Bill Coaker, CIO of the $26 billion San Francisco Employees Retirement System, has put together a portfolio that combines a heavy allocation to private markets with a significant f

Coming Soon... Inspiration through Innovation: the professional & personal stories

10 Jun 2020 •
Katarina Storfer
Inspiration through Innovation Straight from the source, the professional & personal stories from those who are leading the drive. Find out what inspires them, scouting the market practices, life lessons and more.