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Cecilia Blomquist, CIO, PP Pension Tjänstepensionsförening: Investing with an Eye to the Upside and Downside

7 Jun 2021 •
Cecilia Blomquist
Investing with an Eye to the Upside and Downside Cecilia Blomquist, CIO of PP Pension Tjänstepensionsförening (Occupational Pension Association) in Sweden, pays as much attention to positivity in leadership as she does to the downs

Anja Mikus, CEO and CIO, KENFO: Ask and You Shall Receive

2 Jun 2021 •
Anja Mikus
Anja Mikus, CEO and CIO KENFO - The Fund to Finance the German Nuclear Waste Management Last one out, please turn off the lights and lock the door. No, that’s not how you close down a nuclear reactor.

Molly Murphy, CIO, OCERS: Stepping into the Sunshine

25 May 2021 •
Molly Murphy
Stepping into the Sunshine Molly Murphy, CIO of the Orange County Employees Retirement System (OCERS), is about longevity as much as the $20 billion fund she oversees.

Kelli Washington, Managing Director, Cleveland Clinic Investment Office: You Can Go Home Again

20 May 2021 •
Kelli Washington
You Can Go Home Again Who says you can’t go home again? When Kelli Washington left her native Cleveland 30 years ago, she was a bright teenager going off to Washington University in St.

Noriko Ogawa, MD and Investment Director, Benesse Group Pension Fund: Staying Neutral in a Crisis

7 May 2021 •
Noriko Ogawa
Staying Neutral in a Crisis Noriko Ogawa, the Managing Director and Investment Director at the Benesse Group Pension Fund in Okayama, Japan, is used to crisis

Venus Phillips, Investment Director, the Kresge Foundation: Expanding Opportunity

4 May 2021 •
Venus Phillips
Being Mindful That Your Investments Don’t Conflict With Your Mission Venus Phillips helps to bolster Sebastian S.

Brandon Gill New, Senior Portfolio Manager, Capital Markets Group, External Public Investments, ‎OPTrust: Adding Spices to the Recipe

3 May 2021 •
Brandon Gill
Adding Spices to the Recipe Canada is increasingly being recognized for its distinctive pension fund model, characterized by a small number of big funds and their heavy emphasis on managing assets inhouse.

Neeti Bhalla Johnson, CIO, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.: Taking risks around the world

23 Apr 2021 •
Neeti Bhalla
Value of Resilience Women seeking a role model shouldn’t look at Neeti Bhalla Johnson’s achievements.

Sally Bridgeland: Joining the Masters

19 Apr 2021 •
Sally Bridgeland
Harnessing Neurodiversity It’s not surprising that soon after Sally Bridgeland ended her term as the first female Master of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries in 2017, she was named a Role Model of the Year in the inaugural Women in

The Right Way To Issue Central Bank Digital Currencies

13 Apr 2021 •
Gregory Yates
How A Central Bank Could Do So Several dozen central banks around the world have been exploring issuing digital currencies because they see certain benefits these currencies can provide – and also because