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Topics up for Discussion

Katarina Storfer • 8 March 2021

Coming soon... Some of the Themes to Addressed 

50 distinguished women from across the globe will be sharing their stories on their experiences in the investment management space. Life lessons and more have been shared with us on the topics section of this page. Some of the themes to be addressed: 

What about the backlash? How to manage resistance and resentment

Lessons learned in the industry. What would you say to your younger self? How to advise the younger generations that will be facing some of the work/life challenges that you already overcame.

The Coronavirus crisis – is it all doom and gloom? Is it too early to see if gender balance efforts are being deprioritised? Are we losing ground? But the effects are not all doom and gloom as lockdowns have normalised remote/flexible working. What are the new opportunities?

Solving the "pipeline" problem: How to bring more women into the system and addressing diversity and alignment issues. What needs to be done to achieve gender parity in the by individuals, companies and the wider society?  What's stopping the progress? What are the pieces of the puzzle that are missing to overcome the challenges? What could companies be doing better? Discussions with CIOs who have done it all, and having them share their experiences.

Addressing conflict. Speaking up. Sometimes the signs are not very clear; one thing is sensing that you are being treated differently, but what is real and what is not? What should you focus on and what should you ignore? How do you speak up? Who are your allies? In old-fashioned corporate environments, how do we also break the boys' locker room talk barrier?

How to own your power. Tools to maximise your career, greatest advice received from mentors.  How do you ask for a raise? Asking for a promotion, remote working? Flexi-hours? Discussions around remuneration, looking into career progression.

Kamala Harris has broken a glass ceiling, but how loudly should this be celebrated? Efforts must be recognised, but does portraying this as something extraordinary have the opposite effect? How do we find the balance? We don't want to amplify it too much making it look out of reach.

Casting your net – the do’s and don’t of networking. How do you get your foot in the industry and get noticed? How do you build a network for yourself? How do you expand your network? How do I get on a board? How to network effectively.  

Career progression and next steps. Where do you want to go? What kind of move do you want to make when you are in a middle management position? What are some the real options?
Do you need to make a lateral move in order to get to the next step?

Diversity in Building your Team and Manager Selection. Diversity of thought and diversity of background when building your internal team as well as hiring external managers. What is it that you should really be looking for? How to identify red flags? What about internally? – Diversifying your teams, not just your managers. Pressuring the recruiters on finding other candidates.