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What Can The Industry Do To Support Women?

Institutional Investor • 2 December 2021
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Global Top 50 Women In Investment Management

Earlier this year, Cecilia Blomquist, CIO of PP Pension Tjänstepensionsförening (Occupational Pension Association) in Sweden, tells Hightree Advisors' Principal and Senior Advisor Lisa Laird how she pays as much attention to positivity in leadership, as she does to the downside in investment management.

PP Pension, a $2.5 billion occupational fund for the media industry, covers the Swedish Journalists' Association, the Media Industries Employers Association, and the trade union “Unionen,” for private employed with collective agreement within the media industry. It has a defined benefit scheme, a defined contribution scheme, and 35 different funds in a DC fund insurance platform.

From its base in Stockholm, Sweden, Blomquist continues to offer a practical perspectives, what the industry can do to support women and to retain them in the industry.






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