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Christian Böhm, CEO, APK Pensionskasse AG: Fixing A Freudian Pension Slip

8 Sep 2020 •
Christian Böhm
Böhm's Burning-Bush, Road-to-Damascus Pension Meltdown Experience Sigmund Freud, perhaps Vienna’s most famous resident, once said “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength,” and that may well describe the Austrian occupational pension system.

Sungsik Cho, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Mirae Asset Life Insurance

3 Sep 2020 •
Sungsik Cho
The K-Pop of Financial Services As Korea has shot out of the emerging market/developing country category and joined the industrialized world, everything seems to get more complicated and sophisticated.

Erik Bennike, Head of Credit, PensionDanmark: Searching for the Fixed Income Valhalla

28 Aug 2020 •
Erik Bennike
It’s important to be making good decisions under stress; but equally important is not making bad decisions For many of the 750,000 participants in PensionDanmark, their retirement plan comes to them, not only in their mailbox or electronically in their bank ac

Angela Miller-May, CIO, Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund: Underfunded Overachiever

19 Aug 2020 •
Angela Miller-May
Integrating Diversity & Inclusion at CTPF Although the City of Chicago and State of Illinois keep handing her lemons, Angela Miller-May, the CIO of the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF), keeps making lemonade. Since becoming CIO of the $10.7 billion pl

Dominic Garcia: The prodigal son returns

17 Aug 2020 •
Dominic Garcia
Shaking Up PERA When Dominic Garcia returned to New Mexico in September 2017 to become CIO of the New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), after 10 years at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, it was very much of a homecoming. Not only w

David Erickson—Ascension Investment Management: Making an Impact on Healthcare and Beyond

12 Aug 2020 •
David Erickson
Managing Healthcare with a Catholic-based Investment Policy As vast numbers of Catholic immigrants from Ireland, Italy, and elsewhere started pouring across America a century and a half ago, in virtually every town of any size, they first built a church, and t

Con Michalakis: Adelaide’s Super-man

10 Aug 2020 •
Con Michalakis
Statewide Super's Size is an Advantage Con Michalakis says Statewide Super, the AUD$9.7 billion superannuation fund where he’s been CIO for the past dozen years, may be smaller than some of Australia’s giant supers, but it’s faring well: “We’re the Spartans ve

Kirk Sims, Teachers Retirement System of Texas: Coming Up with Up and Comers

5 Aug 2020 •
Kirk Sims
Finding Undiscovered Talent in Emerging Managers Sometimes Kirk Sims feels like he’s swimming against the tide. As a Senior Manager and head of the Emerging Managers program at the $155 billion Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS), his job is to find undi

Charles Woodhouse: Solid as a Rock

3 Aug 2020 •
Angela Ng
QSuper's Distinctive Approach to Investing When Charles Woodhouse, the distinguished geologist who discovered a new mineral in 1937 which he named “woodhouseite,” scientific journals described it as “hard to classify.” His grandson and namesake, the CIO of QSu

Douglas Brown, SVP & CIO, Exelon Corporation: Going non-nuclear

27 Jul 2020 •
Douglas J. Brown
Building an All-Star Team while going non-nuclear If you can rub your tummy and pat your forehead at the same time, you may be a good fit for Doug Brown’s job. Brown is CIO at Exelon Corp., the Chicago-based utility holding company, and his $40 billion bailiwi