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Robin Diamonte, Chief Investment Officer, Raytheon Technologies: Woman on a Mission, or Two

5 Oct 2020 •
Robin Diamonte
Creating an innovative lifetime income plan for her company’s retirees Robin Diamonte, the CIO of Raytheon Technologies, is a woman on a mission, maybe even a couple of missions. Many pension fund CIOs are exclusively focused on beating their benchmark and leave worrying about retirees

Mario Therrien, Head of Investment Funds and External Management, CDPQ

30 Sep 2020 •
Mario Therrien
Beyond the Fringe Mario Therrien says he works “at the fringe” of CDPQ (the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec), the Montreal based long-term institutional investor that manages funds primarily for public and parapublic pension and insurance plans, where h

Rens Götz, Head of Asset Management, ABB Group Pension: Engineering Harmony

29 Sep 2020 •
Rens Götz
Seeking to coordinate what can be coordinated and improve what can be improved ABB is known for the large scale, complex engineering projects it has undertaken in 130 countries around the world, and its pension system, covering some 400,000 active and retired

Scott Pittman: Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Mount Sinai Health System

25 Sep 2020 •
Scott Pittman
Scott Pittman Says Alternative Investments Are Just What the Doctor Ordered Scott Pittman, a certified EMT who used to spend weekends riding shotgun in ambulances while in college, became the first CIO at Mount Sinai Health System in New York at the start of 2

Ramon Tol, Senior Fund Manager Equities Blue Sky Group: Updating the Flight Plan

21 Sep 2020 •
Ramon Tol
Shifts & Updates to the Flight Plan If you want to know what big ideas have been percolating at the Blue Sky Group, it helps to look at some academic journals.

Shawn Wischmeier, CIO, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies: Going Against the Grain

18 Sep 2020 •
Shawn Wischmeier
“I jumped at the chance to build a truly world-class portfolio.” Most people docking their boat at the Caribbean Marina on Lake Minnetonka, just outside Minneapolis, don’t realize that the guy scampering around the dock, making sure they’ve got a full tank of

Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO, Storebrand Asset Management: Mr. Sustainability Is An Astute Investor Too

11 Sep 2020 •
Jan Erik Saugestad
How Storebrand has Become Synonymous with Sustainability for Investors Jan Erik Saugestad, the CEO of Norway’s Storebrand Asset Management, is so well known as a global leader in issues of sustainability and ESG that it’s easy to forget he has helped build his

Christian Böhm, CEO, APK Pensionskasse AG: Fixing A Freudian Pension Slip

8 Sep 2020 •
Christian Böhm
Böhm's Burning-Bush, Road-to-Damascus Pension Meltdown Experience Sigmund Freud, perhaps Vienna’s most famous resident, once said “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength,” and that may well describe the Austrian occupational pension system.

Sungsik Cho, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Mirae Asset Life Insurance

3 Sep 2020 •
Sungsik Cho
The K-Pop of Financial Services As Korea has shot out of the emerging market/developing country category and joined the industrialized world, everything seems to get more complicated and sophisticated.

Erik Bennike, Head of Credit, PensionDanmark: Searching for the Fixed Income Valhalla

28 Aug 2020 •
Erik Bennike
It’s important to be making good decisions under stress; but equally important is not making bad decisions For many of the 750,000 participants in PensionDanmark, their retirement plan comes to them, not only in their mailbox or electronically in their bank ac